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Rising Film Evaporators

COMP offers a complete range of Rising Film Evaporators of both short and long tube design.

In Rising Film Evaporator, due to the ascending force of the vapour bubbles, which are produced during boiling, the liquid and vapours flow upwards in a parallel flow. Simultaneously the vapour quantity also increase thereby forming a "Climbing" film on the walls of a tube. Due to this there is a high turbulence in the liquid and these evaporators are advantageous for heat sensitive, highly viscous and moderately scaling liquids.

The temperature difference in the rising film evaporators should be high between the heating chest and boiling chamber to ensure the circulation and formation of a climbing film.

These evaporators are flexible enough to be converted to Forced Circulation Evaporators.
Rising Film Evaporators
  • Ideal for liquids which attain high viscosity and have fouling tendency.
  • Suitable for high temperature application.
  • Better steam economy as compared to falling film evaporator.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Versatility to change to forced circulation type evaporator if product behavior is likely to change.
  • Properly selected vapour fractions.
  • Wide data bank of coefficient from which the best possible heat transfer coefficient is selected.
  • Rest same as Falling Film Evaporator.
  • Easy removal of deposits can be achieved by increasing feed rate or reducing steam rate.
  • Special designs of vapour separators for foaming products.
  • Chemical Industry
  • Effluent Treatment Plants

Rotary Evaporator

We are supplier of Rotary Evaporator. We are one of the best supplier of our area.

Rotary Evaporator

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