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Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporators
We are equipped with high quality equipment along with the advanced machinery and skilled workforce that leads to its very own 100% export oriented unit for fabrication. With such an excellence and an endeavor to market proven engineering systems we bring forth our highly efficient and technically updated Thin Film Evaporators.

Our Thin film evaporators are characterized by external condensers that operate at higher pressures (1-100 mbar) and hence can be used for effective separation of large quantities of components with high volatility.

Features Of Comp Thin Film Evaporators
These are used for reducing the volume of water from the solids and to separate a mixture of liquids having different boiling points. These can be used to increase the concentration of liquids that are highly viscous or in paste / syrup forms.

  • Continuous processing
  • Heat sensitive, viscous, fouling and foaming products
  • Distillation, Separation, Concentration, Stripping, Deodorization, Degassing, Reaction

Critical Design Features Of Thin Film Evaporators
The Thin Film Evaporator consists of a jacketed or coated shell having a machined surface on the inner side. It also has a vapour nozzle that is typically arranged at the upper end of the evaporator in order to facilitate the vapours to the external condenser. The liquid flow can be of both bottom to top or top to bottom and this flow pattern depends on the fluid properties, chances of scale or crystal formation.

Further, the rotating blades of thin film evaporators make sure that no material stays on the heat transfer surface for long duration thus preventing thermal degradation.

Typical Applications
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environmental Protection

At Comp Engineering and Exports, we offer this premium industrial machinery to our clients with customization facility to ensure their smooth operation.

Wastewater Evaporators

Wastewater Evaporators
We are supplier of Wastewater Evaporators. We are one of the best supplier of our area.

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